CASE STUDY: Katacoda

SERVICES USED: Website Copywriting | Content Marketing

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The brief.

Katacoda is a leading interactive learning and training platform for software engineers. This high-flying brand was recently bought by the global online learning company, O’Reilly Media.

The Katacoda team had recently launched new training scenarios on their website and wanted to use our website copywriting services to improve the user experience. Our copywriters have a background in training, so we were excited to rise to the challenge.

Our response.

STEP 1: Understanding the subject

The first stage of this project was to gain an understanding of the terminology and the processes being taught. At Full Height Copy, we believe that you can only write authoritatively about a subject once you understand it yourself. We read around the topic and talked at length with the team at Katacoda until we had grasped the learning scenarios that we were writing about.

STEP 2: Understanding the learner’s needs

The next step was to wear the learner’s shoes and pinpoint opportunities for developing clarity. We looked for gaps in:

  • The information available to the learner – Did they have the context and details that they needed to be able to put the theory into practice?

  • The way information was phrased sentences easy to understand? Were new concepts and technical terms explained clearly? Was anything being assumed? Were instructions clear?

  • The number of steps – Did the training need to be broken down into smaller steps to aid learning?

STEP 3: Copy-editing

After discussing the changes with the client, we were ready to copy-edit the scenarios and work with Katacoda to refine their training materials.

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IT copywriting

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