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The brief.

Celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen approached FHC to write blog posts for her Masterclass website. She needed a writer with interior design copywriting experience who could impart design concepts and techniques to students on the course, and authentically replicate the client's iconic voice and design approach.

Our response.

FHC's founder, Sue, has a background in interior design, so she was the lead on this project.

1. Defining the project requirements

Sue arranged a call with Kelly's marketing contact to establish the requirement, budget, target audience, work approach and draft deadlines. It was decided that Sue would identify monthly blog topics and then book a monthly telephone interview with the client to discuss her interior design approach and case studies for each topic. The client also sent FHC a number of books that she had authored, to help understand her interior style and the language that she uses.

2. Draft and review

Sue sent drafted articles to Kelly on the agreed deadline each month. When necessary, a call was arranged to discuss any edits or details to add to the articles. Sue made any required final edits, and issued the work to the client for review and sign-off. Kelly's in-house team handled the publication side of things.

The results.

The blog posts formed part of an online Masterclass course, so the measure of success was derived from feedback from the course participants, which was high!

The client also decided to:

  • Use the material as a training resource for her own design team, helping them to understand her style and the aspects of design that were fundamental to her brand.

  • Issue the blogs to media agencies to use as the foundation of online and printed magazine articles.

  • Use quotes from the blog post as social media snippets with links through to the blog posts, driving traffic to the Masterclass website.

Blog writing for Kelly Hoppen
Blog writing for Kelly Hoppen

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