CASE STUDY: Laidlaw Associates

SERVICES USED: Website Copywriting

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The brief.

Laidlaw Associates needed copy for the company website that would demonstrate the team’s capabilities to prospective clients. Director, Caroline, needed a copywriter who could:

  • Turn her ideas into client-centred copy that inspired trust

  • Support her web developer to create a smooth user journey

  • Identify keywords to target for each page

  • Write copy that meets SEO best practices.

Our response.

STEP 1: Develop a solid understanding

Before we wrote a word, we worked with Caroline to develop a clear creative brief for the project and developed an understanding of:

  • The company, the services that it offers and its USP

  • The target market and its segments

  • The competition and Laidlaw Associate’s place in the market

  • The information and message that each page needed to convey.

STEP 2: Identify keywords that would work for each page

Once we had a clear idea of what each page needed to cover, we identified page keywords that would fit with Laidlaw Associates’ services.

STEP 3: SEO copywriting

With keywords identified, we set to work creating web page copy that followed SEO best practices.

STEP 4: Diagram design

Some of the concepts that Caroline wanted to describe on the website were complex. We designed a diagram to help the reader digest the information and to make the information scannable.

STEP 5: Search results page optimisation

We created title tags and meta descriptions that would help with SEO and encourage searchers to click on links to Laidlaw Associates web pages.

STEP 6: Web page wireframes and mark-up notes

We developed wireframes for each page (mock-ups of the page layout). These were designed to help the web developer design pages that:

  • Were easy to read

  • Aided user navigation between pages

  • Encouraged the user to take action.

The wireframes gave us design foundations to build out from, allowing us to work as a team with Caroline and the web developer to refine the site’s look and feel.

We also created mark-up notes for the web copy to instruct the web developer on how to code the text in line with SEO requirements.

Website copywriting for a business psychology consultancy
Website copywriting for a business psychology consultancy
Website copywriting for occupational psychologists
Website copywriting for occupational psychologists

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