CASE STUDY: Ultrimax Coatings

SERVICES USED: Custom Blog Writing | Content Audit

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The brief.

Ultrimax is a leading industrial paints manufacturer and supplier of paint shop equipment and consumables. The company first came to us in 2018 because they needed a copywriter with an understanding of the industrial coatings industry to write a few pieces of blog and website content. We now work in partnership with the company's in-house digital marketing team to deliver regular blog content.


  • Raise brand and product awareness

  • Increase SERPs visibility and conversion rates

  • Engage potential customers and answer their common questions

  • Increase website purchases and enquiries.

Our response.

We work with Ultrimax in a very fluid way so that they can increase or decrease their budget in line with other business priorities. Below is a description of support that we provide across a typical year.

1. Content audit

We begin the year with an audit of the content produced in the previous year. This allows us to identify:

  • The types of content that performs well

  • Blog posts that can be improved or developed

  • Blog posts that need to be updated to keep them relevant

  • Content gaps.

2. Content planning

Working with the Ultrimax Digital Marketing Manager, we identify a blog content plan for the coming year based on their sales objectives. This gives us the information we need to conduct the relevant SEO research and create blog post outlines.

3. Production

It is essential for Ultrimax to have a writer with experience of the industrial paints industry because the blog content had to accurately explain paint shop equipment, processes and techniques. We have such a copywriter within the FHC team! In many cases, we are writing blog and video script content about topics that have not previously been covered on the internet.

The production process is straightforward. We produce a draft and the Ultrimax technical team check it over for accuracy. Our writer then makes any adjustments if necessary and passes the finished article back to the Ultrimax marketing team for publication and promotion.

The results.

To date, the Ultrimax blog has over 150 pages that rank on page one of SERPs for relevant search terms and, on average, 30% of website sales are attributed to blog engagement.

Manufacturing copywriting services
Manufacturing copywriting services
Manufacturing blog writing results
Manufacturing blog writing results

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