CASE STUDY: Interior Design Copywriter Services


Kelly Hoppen is an iconic interior designer, author and celebrity.



Kelly wanted to work in partnership with an interior design copywriter to create regular online articles for her Interior Design Masterclass website. The content would also be repurposed across social media platforms. Kelly chose to work with us because of our knowledge and experience of the construction, interior design and home improvements industries.

The articles needed to:

  • Educate

  • Inspire

  • Share Kelly’s design ideas and insights

  • Represent the Kelly Hoppen brand and style

  • Contain lively, engaging and visual language

  • Represent Kelly’s voice


For this project, it was crucial to work closely with Kelly to capture her voice and represent her thoughts. We also needed to develop a deep understanding of her style, her approach to interior design and her target audiences.

How did we do it?

STEP 1: Research and planning

After doing our background research on the company, we turned to Kelly’s YouTube channel to see which videos were popular with her audience. We took the top four and used these as the foundations for the first batch of articles.



STEP 2: Interview

We approved the article titles and content with Kelly and discussed each topic with her in depth. This gave us the opportunity to tune in to Kelly’s use of language and signature use of imagery to explain ideas and concepts.

STEP 3: Study style and content

It was time to hit the books. Kelly has written eight books about interior design, her style and her approach. We can now pretty much recite their contents. Immersing ourselves in Kelly’s words helped us to understand the nuances of her approach to interior design.

Interior design copywriting

STEP 4: First Draft

We drafted the first batch of posts and sent them to Kelly for review. After one minor tweak, they were good to publish. We didn’t have to handle any of that. Kelly’s marketing team had that one covered.

STEP 5: Hit repeat

Kelly was very happy with the process that we had developed. We now produce title suggestions each month, seek input from Kelly and then draft the articles. Kelly’s marketing team publishes the work and they repurpose the content as they see fit.

An added bonus

After publishing the first few months of articles, Kelly decided to also use them as training tools for her team. We love it when a client finds extra value in a campaign!


You can view the work at The Kelly Hoppen Interior Design Masterclass website.

Do you need an interior design copywriter to take care of your blog posts, website copy or any other content or copywriting project?

Sue Davison