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If you need proof that social media marketing is good for business, we've got some pretty strong evidence. Last year we joined #WiltsHour - a free Twitter-based weekly networking event for Wiltshire businesses.  It was a pretty alien concept to us, but one that we found immediately useful (thanks Bulldog Websites). During our first #WiltsHour experience, we met the lovely Caroline McShane from Social Honeycomb. Realising that we offered services that complemented each other, we arranged to meet. It was one of those meetings where you know you're on the same page and feel like you've known each other for ages. A year later, we're recommending each other's services to clients and collaborating when the opportunity presents itself. How cool is that? All as a result of a quick chat on Twitter.

Our founder, Sue Davison, recently interviewed Caroline to give you a flavour of Social Honeycomb and how it might help your business.

SD: What inspired you to launch Social Honeycomb?

CM: I discovered the power of social media when I set up my first business as a florist. As a start-up, I didn't have the money for fancy flyers or brochures, so I started playing around with social media. It had a positive impact on my company almost immediately. I began building relationships with people and businesses that I couldn't reach using traditional marketing methods. I'm a networker by nature, so the skills came quite easily to me.

After selling the business, my friends asked me to help them create social media marketing campaigns for their companies. Things grew from there. I studied the Digital Mums social media course in 2017, and at the beginning of 2018, Social Honeycomb was born.

SD: What services do you offer?

CM: We support businesses with social media marketing in Gloucestershire and beyond. Our three core services are strategy, training and management.

SD: Can you tell us a bit about each service?

CM: Gladly!

Social Media Strategy

Most businesses know they need a social media presence and have an idea of how they want to market themselves, but many don’t know where to start. Business owners come to us because they don’t know which platforms will suit them best or how to execute a great social media plan. They lack confidence in what they should be broadcasting and who they should be engaging with.

We help our clients to:

  • Understand what their business needs to achieve.

  • Establish who their business wants to communicate with.

  • Create an easy to follow social media strategy.

  • Implement campaigns with ease and confidence.

We provide actionable details, such as:

  • The right platforms for you.

  • The types of content you should be posting.

  • The hashtags you should be using.

  • The influencers that you should be wooing.

Armed with these insights, businesses can run effective campaigns that build and engage audiences through appropriate channels.

Social Media Training

All social media platforms have complicated algorithms which govern where and how often your posts are seen. Getting the best from the features on offer can be time-consuming and confusing. Social Honeycomb helps its clients to understand how to manipulate the algorithm to their advantage.

We offer group, in-house and one-to-one training. A typical session will walk you through each platform and its features and show you how to deliver content that has impact and interest. We demystify topics such as hashtags, Twitter lists, Instagram Stories and Facebook Groups. By the end of the session, our clients are much more confident in their ability to increase brand awareness via social media. 

“Thank you so much for such an insightful workshop. I had no idea there was so much more to Instagram than just posting pictures and some text to the grid. Now I know I can use all the features of Instagram and provide my followers with much more engaging content. In fact, my first post since yesterday has already received so much more engagement!” - Sophie B

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Social Media Management

In some instances, our clients don’t have the time or the desire to manage their own social media.  That's when we get involved. Working with a social media agency allows business owners to work on their business rather than in it.

The process is collaborative. We work with the client to understand their business, its personality, tone of voice and passions, and then we post on their behalf. Getting to grips with these details is crucial. It's what allows us to deliver great content that's engaging and professional. Once we have all the information that we need to be the voice of a business, we agree the posting frequency with the client. This can be a few posts across one platform or multiple posts across many platforms.  Then it's over to our experts to source and deliver interesting and relevant content.

SD: What are your top 5 social media strategy tips for businesses right now?

CM: There are so many! Here are some quick and easy tactics to get you started:

1. 80:20 rule

Spend 80% of your time on one platform and 20% on the others. It's better to have one great platform than a few mediocre ones. If Instagram is your primary platform, make sure you tell your Twitter and Facebook followers where they can find more from you.

2. Post consistently

If you can only post once a week then only post once a week, this is much better than posting 5 posts one week and then nothing for 3 weeks. Algorithms like consistency, not quantity.

3. Use a mixture of media

Mix it up with videos, images, gifs, infographics and text. Your audience likes variety, as do algorithms (they also have extra love for videos at the moment). 

4. Engage, engage and engage some more

Please don’t just tell everyone how great you are. Engage with your followers and with other posts. Answer questions. Look at your followers' accounts and show an interest in what they have to say. Ask questions and post comments. Algorithms love this too.

5. Use as many features of the platform as you can

Post interesting, useful and relevant content; share stories; use Facebook Live (even if you hate it); get involved with groups, etc.

SD: Some top tips there. Thanks, Caroline. Where can we find you for more information about Social Honeycomb?

CM: Funnily enough, you'll find me on social media!

Tap me up at:

Instagram - @SocialHoneycomb

Twitter - @SocialHoneyc0mb

Facebook - @SocialHoneycomb

Email -

My website is under construction, so watch this space!

If you're based in Cirencester, you'll often find me networking or delivering training at Growth Hub and Unicorn House. I visit Digital Mansion in Corsham when I get the chance too. Come and say "Hi" if you see me.

SD: Thanks for the great info and insights, Caroline. Good luck with the website launch. We look forward to spreading the word when it goes live.

Sue Davison