CASE STUDY: Video Script Service for Karren Brady

Video Script Service


Baroness Karren Brady is a sporting executive, politician, television personality, newspaper columnist, author and novelist.



Karren has launched a new YouTube project called Get What You Want.  This series of podcasts and videos aims to help women succeed in their careers and achieve equal pay. As part of the project, Karren will present eighteen 'How-To' videos. Each will provide help and advice on a career-related topic. Karren needed to turn her knowledge and ideas into workable video scripts, so she contacted Full Height Copy.



The most important part of this project was capturing Karren’s voice and insights in a short piece of film. Each video had to fit an introduction, clear and actionable tips and a short summary into just 15 minutes.

How did we do it?

STEP 1: Research and Brief

First, we familiarised ourselves with the series and the subject matter in each video. We then called Karren's co-producer and discussed the brief in detail.


STEP 2: Planning

The best way to capture a presenter's voice and understand their insights is to speak to them. We prepared a list of questions for Karren and scheduled a series of interviews.


STEP 3: Interviews

Interviewing Karren gave us the detail that we needed to write each script and get a feel for her tone and delivery. It was also an opportunity to discuss content ideas and build on the original brief.


STEP 4: First Draft

Armed with a recording of Karren's interviews, we drafted the scripts.  We needed a little more material to flesh out the bones, so we researched each topic further and expanded on ideas.


STEP 5: Read Through

Once we were happy with the 'rough out', we read the script aloud and made adjustments. This process is crucial for checking the flow, tone, emphasis and length of scripts. It's where you identify if points come across clearly and if the material is engaging. After several timed read throughs, the scripts were ready for a final edit before submission to the client.


STEP 6: First Draft Edits

It's important to walk away from the scripts for a few hours and return to them with fresh eyes. We made refinements to some and left others alone. After a final read through, they were good to go to the client for feedback.


STEP 7: Video Script Revisions

We're delighted to report that revisions weren't necessary. Karren and her team were happy with the scripts and set to work filming.

You can see the results here.

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Sue Davison