Why Hire a Copywriter?


Every company needs to get information out into the public sphere, whether it’s a flyer, a website, or a 10,000-word technical document. Some businesses create these documents in-house, and others hire a copywriter to ensure their written communications are consistent and professional.

But why use a copywriter when you can write marketing materials yourself? Here we explore the why, when and how of outsourcing copywriting tasks.

Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

Aside from writing excellent copy for a wide range of uses, professional copywriters have a unique skill set to complement their flair with the written word.

Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring one:

1. Consistency

Any information released by your company into the public domain should be consistent in terms of style and language. This will help to maintain your professional profile and build trust in your brand. Copywriters can help you to establish your house preferences to ensure that your messaging is consistent and professional.

2. Finding your company voice

If your company generates public information from different departments, there will be inconsistencies in the style, tone and language used. A good copywriter will understand your organisation and work to establish a company voice suitable for your audience. They will ensure that the style, tone and language are reflective of the values of your business.

3. Polishing lengthy documents

Mistakes are inevitable when writing a large document such as a report or brochure. An experienced copywriter will be able to support, or manage, each stage of the project and produce a professional end product. They will also be efficient in their approach to content creation, proofing and editing, which will save you time and money.

4. Jargon busting

While you might enjoy using the odd technical term or acronym (IDK anyone who doesn’t), it can confuse or alienate your target audience. A copywriter will bring an external perspective to help you communicate your message in plain English.

5. Getting the tone right

Let's imagine that you own a counselling service. The tone of your writing will be hugely different from a cosmetics company. The language that you use must be sensitive, non-threatening and trustworthy. Use a copywriter to help you get this right.

6. Time saver

Let’s face it, not everyone has a way with words. You know your business inside out, but you may struggle to communicate your knowledge in a way that engages your audience. A task that might take a copywriter an hour could take you three hours. Their skills can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

7. Proofreading

It’s something that we all plan to do at the end of a document, but deadlines often get in the way of a thorough proofread. To help ensure that there are no spelling mistaks(!) or grammatical errors, use a copywriter to help throughout the writing process.

When You Can’t Afford Copywriting Services

In an ideal world, you might want to call on a copywriter for all your written communications, but it’s not always practical or within budget. Here are a few other ways that a copywriter can assist you:

1. Consultancy service

Build a relationship with an established copywriter who can advise you and guide your business. They will be able to offer expertise when needed, providing reassurance that your copy represents your brand and message.

2. Mentoring and training

If it's not feasible for your small business to hire copywriting services, you might want to up-skill your team instead. Many copywriters offer training and mentoring schemes. If you can't find any open courses in your local area, ask a freelancer or agency to create a bespoke package for your team.

3. Style guidelines

A copywriter can help you create a definitive style guide for your business. This will give you:

• A document to issue to all staff as part of the induction process.

• A standard that all staff-written communications must honour.

• A shared understanding of your company's brand identity and messaging.

When to Use a Copywriter

Of course, you can turn to a copywriter at any time. Perhaps you’re struggling with a particular document or simply don’t have the time or the in-house skills. Whatever the situation, a copywriter can save you time and produce copy that sells. But, you might want to use them for specific regular written communications such as:


Most companies recognise the value of a business blog but struggle to prioritise looking after it. A copywriter can help you to develop a content strategy that will engage your target audience(s) and then take care of writing and publishing your posts. Most digitally focused copywriters will also be able to monitor the performance of your blog and adjust your strategy to improve search engine optimisation and audience engagement. Alternatively, they will be able to partner you with a digital agency who can lead on this.

Social media campaigns

Having a social media presence can help to position your business as a thought leader, raise brand awareness, increase audience engagement and develop trust. You will also get a lot more from your blog if you share its content via social channels.

Copywriters write content for social media posts and can do the publishing for you. You might also be able to find a copywriter who specialises in campaign strategy and monitoring too.

Writing and updating your website

Some copywriters specialise in website copy and optimising web pages for search engines. They can work with you and your developer to keep your website updated with fresh, user-focused content that will rank well in search engines.

Email campaigns

If you run regular email campaigns as part of your marketing strategy, a copywriter will be able to write tight, convincing copy that drives action. They will be accustomed to working in partnership with graphic designers and digital marketers to create strategic campaigns.


Generating an email list of people that want to receive company updates gives you a captive audience and can help to:

• Connect with customers and build a relationship

• Drive traffic to your website and social media channels

• Drive sales

• Manage your reputation

A copywriter will make easy work of this task and make sure that your newsletter goes out on time every month.

How to Hire a Copywriter

The Professional Copywriters’ Network is a good place to start. They have produced a detailed hiring guide and have an online directory of over 800 copywriters.

Don’t forget, copywriters are often in demand, and they work to deadlines. Wherever possible, think ahead to when and how you will need their services. Consider your timescales, budget and the amount of work involved. Research, writing, proofreading and editing all take time. Have an honest and realistic conversation about what you need and by when. Once you have worked on a few projects together, you will have a good idea of the real time it takes to produce top-quality copy.

Sue Davison