Healthcare Copywriting.

Reach, engage and convert new and returning patients and with a our specialist healthcare copywriting services.

Our team of former and current health professionals have a deep understanding of health matters, the patient experience and digital marketing.

Healthcare copywriting services
Healthcare copywriting services

Popular content for healthcare businesses.

landing pages and product pages
landing pages and product pages
Landing pages.

Successful healthcare providers have punchy web pages that highlight service benefits, demonstrate the company's uniqueness, answer the visitors questions and have strong calls to action.

Blog articles
Blog articles
Blog articles.

Explain your treatment and care approach, raise awareness and share advice. Consistent, top-quality blog content brings people to your site, keeps them there for longer and builds trust.


Video can be a great way to demonstrate compassion and provide ressurance. Use it to introduce your treatment team, explain medical procedures and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Case studies.

Well-crafted case studies make the benefits of your treatment approach tangible and relatable. They also reassure potential patients that your services are tried, tested and effective.

Case studies
Case studies
Healthcare video content
Healthcare video content
Ebooks and white papers
Ebooks and white papers
Ebooks and white papers.

Ebooks and white papers can cover a health topic in detail and position your services as an evidence-based, best-practice solution. Use to capture leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

Detailed guides.

Long-form guides are know to be highly sharable and allow you to demonstrate you clinical expertise by providing actionable solutions to common patient physical and mental health issues.

Detailed guides
Detailed guides

What can a healthcare copywriter do for your business?

Improve website performance.

A healthcare copywriter will create web pages that rank for healthcare keywords that matter to your business. They will make your health services or products stand out from your competition, create engaging content that keeps visitors on your website for longer, and persuade visitors to take action (buy now, contact you, download a brochure, etc.).

Build trust.

Copywriters that specialise in healthcare know how to provide easy-to-understand, sensitively-worded answers to frequently asked health and medical questions. They can craft case studies that highlight the benefits of using your healthcare services or products, and write thought-leader articles that demonstrate your clinical expertise and experience.


Health content creators are skilled at creating written and visual content that raises public awareness, persuade the reader to make better health choices or even saves lives.

Benefits of hiring a healthcare copywriter
Benefits of hiring a healthcare copywriter

What healthcare topics can we write about?

Our health copywriters and content writers can research and write about pretty much any health-related topic, including:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Addiction

  • Counselling and therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Exercise and fitness

  • Dentistry

  • Holistic medicines and therapies

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Health supplements

Why choose us?

We are a highly experienced team of health copywriters and SEO professionals with backgrounds in NHS management, psychiatry, psychology and nursing.

Specialist healthcare writers.

We match you with a writer based on their healthcare background, skills and suitability for your project, and every post is checked by senior editor before it reaches you.

Data-driven healthcare digital marketing strategies
Data-driven healthcare digital marketing strategies
Boutique healthcare marketing services
Boutique healthcare marketing services
Specialist medical copywriters and content writers
Specialist medical copywriters and content writers
Data-driven strategies.

We use the industry's most trusted tools to research your market, identify the best keywords and measure the effectiveness of your content.

Boutique service.

We're all about the relationship and attention to detail, tailoring every project to the client's exact needs and budget.


What is health copywriting?

A health copywriter writes marketing material for businesses in the health sector. They are skilled in converting often complex medical concepts and information into accessible and easy-to-digest writing. In addition to understanding and explaining healthcare-related topics, a copywriter knows how to engage and convince the reader to take a desired action with the aim of selling products or services. A healthcare copywriter will usually have a background in the health sector.

What is the difference between copywriting and medical writing?

The job of a medical or healthcare copywriter is to persuade the reader to take an action, such as buying a product or service, downloading a brochure or contacting a business. Medical writing, on the other hand, is about presenting medical facts, figures, pros and cons without bias. Full Height Copy can provide both types of service.

Should I hire a healthcare copywriter?

In most cases, yes, unless you have an in-house copywriter with a solid understanding of healthcare, online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). Just as you know your business better than anyone else, a healthcare copywriter is best placed to write copy that appeals to both potential patients and search engines. They will also bring a fresh perspective to your site. Businesses often struggle to see their website from an external point of view.

How much do website copywriting services cost?

According to the ProCopywriters Survey 2023, the average day rate is £433. At Full Height Copy, we charge £50 per hour/£400 per day.

Blog writing for Castle Health
Blog writing for Castle Health

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